Magento Global Fitment Extension


The latest version of the PSS Global Fitment Extension for Magento 1.9.x & 2.x.x is available on the Magento marketplace. Please visit the PSS Global Fitment extension page to download the latest release.

Configuration Updates

  1. Go to System -> Configuration
  2. On the left side, under POWERSPORTS SUPPORT, click Fitment Selector Options
  3. Ensure that the Fitment Selector Options pane is open on the right side. If not, you may need to click the heading to expand it.
  4. Add in your PSS Dashboard Domain ex:
  5. Click Save Config

Enabling PSS Block

  1. Go to System -> Permission -> Blocks
  2. Click Add New Block
  3. Enter PSS as the Block Name and set Is Allowed to Yes
  4. Again, click Add New Block
  5. Enter fitmentselector/fitmentselector as the Block Name and set Is Allowed to Yes
  6. Click Save Block
  7. Browse to /fitmentselector on you store to view the available dropdowns

Embedding the Fitment Selector

  1. Once the PSS Block has been enabled browse to CMS -> Pages or CMS -> Blocks
  2. Place the following code block in to either the Page or Block:
{{block type="fitmentselector/fitmentselector" name="fitmentselector" template="fitmentselector/fitmentselector.phtml"}}

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