3dCart - User Managed Integration (advanced)

you will need a developer account at

Once you have logged in, click the 'Add New' button.
Fill out the required information to be supplied with credentials.
Make sure the Read/Write access matches that of the video below.

In another tab or window, login to your pss account.
on the top right, click Settings -> 3dcart
In order to work correctly, complete all fields.

Shopping Cart Details

Webstore Domain: is the URL of your store (leave out the http)
URL for missing image logo : optional placeholder image for when a product doesn't have images. Can be your company logo


Secure URL : same as Webstore Domain
Private Key: click "showkey" in the 3dcart developer page to reveal the key.
Public Key: copy and paste the Public key from the 3dcart developer page.


your 3dcart welcome email contains the credentials needed.
FTP host credentials : your host name
FTP username : your login user name
FTP password: your login password

if you have lost the email, submit a support ticket at https://support.3dcart.com/Tickets/Submit

Product Display Settings

The fields may vary due to each store having a different theme.

Dom Injection Location: the top element with the product information.
Dom Description Div: the element containing the description box/text.
Dom Body Div: Where the initial Description Div will be inserted into.
Dom Injection Method: generally 'Append' will be used.
Product Form Selector : the form element containing the product/add to cart.
Remove Product Form After Load : check this to keep the page cleaner.

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