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PSS Product Loader

The supplied sample file will help you format new products to be added to the PSS database.  The parent/child relationship will be done based on the column.  It is important to use the same Name for each product you want grouped together.  Using the of Color, Size, Option and Fitment will create the appropriate drown down menus on each product page.  PSS will combine the and fields to create the titles.

For products that do not have variations you do not need to supply any attributes, in the example below the product name Universal Training Wheels only occurs once and will be name of the product.

In the example below you can see the XCR Wheels have the same name and they all have unique SKUs and MPNs that correspond to a unique combination of Attributes, in this case Size, Option, and Fitment.

With the proper naming conventions as well as attributes, images etc the products will be displayed in a very user friendly format. When different images are supplied for the child products, those images will be displayed when the corresponding attribute is selected.  If a customer chooses a color drop down, the image will reflect the color selected


In order to create cohesive parent/child relationships all products with the same Name will have to have the same type of attributes.

Both of the Motion Pro products have values provided for Size, this is valid.

The Performance Machine products are not valid, only 1 has a value for Color.


Required Fields:

DistributorPart.distributor_sku – SKU used to track stock and inventory, might be amended.  For instance, a SKU from Parts Unlimited of 2312-0346 becomes PU2312-0346 – Name of the Distributor of the product, could be the same as the Manufacturer or Brand


Product.manufacturer_part_number – Part Number used by the Brand or Manufacturer, must be a unique value based on the manufacturer.  Part number 1234 can only exist once for Manufacturer ACME, but number 1234 can exist for both brands of ACME and Widgets – Name of Manufacturer – Name of the product, SKU’s with the same Name will be grouped together to create parent/children relationships based on the supplied attributes of Color, Size, Option and Fitment


Optional Fields: – Color of product to be used for children products – Size of the product to be used for children products – Generic attribute to be used for children of products

WebstoreCategory.path - A category path can be supplied so products will display on a webstore in the assigned category: Category Mapping

Image.url – Primary image of the product, external URL that will be used by PSS to retrieve the image and host on PSS


Image.url_1 Image.url_2 Image.url_3 etc – Unbounded amount product images, make sure to use the underscore when adding additional images – code used to embed product videos


Product.description – HTML description of a product, trim special characters such as trademark and copyright symbols


Product.fitment – The different vehicles that a product can fit.  Use commas to separate the Make, Model, Year information and a pipe “ | “ for each additional application.

Kawasaki,VN1700A Vulcan Voyager,2009 - 2011 | Kawasaki,VN1700J Vulcan Vaquero,2011 - 2014 |

Years can be combined for the same Make and Model when separated by a dash  “ – “













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