PSS 3.2 - New Features

Dear PSS User,
We are pleased to announce the release of PSS 3.2 and would like to share summary and instruction regarding some of the enhancements.  

As some of you may remember, back in September PSS users began migrating to version 3.0.  This was a rewrite of the entire PSS core code and the migration process was fairly labor intensive on our end.  Additionally you saw major changes to the UI and how PSS behaves from an inventory management standpoint; this update to 3.2 will not be anything like that process.  The changes to the UI are negligible, and inventory management changes are minute.  Lets dive into it.

1. File Center Overhaul

More centralized location to manage csv files and schedule jobs.  Same features.  File Center > Schedule Jobs

2. Catalog Lookup - Filter and Export Overrides

You can now request a specific range of applied overrides and export directly out of UI.

Catalog and filter results > Export button at top.  If you amend overrides and want to upload to PSS, just go to File Center and schedule the job.

3. eBay View All Listings - Added Filtering

Previously you could only filter by a small number of attributes.  You can now filter by the same parameters that you could previously in Catalog Lookup; including Price, MPN, SKU, and Distributor. 

4. eBay View All Listings - Filter and Export Listings

You can now filter "eBay view all listings" down to exactly what you want to see, and then export that listing data to a csv file.  From there you can perform your listing edits, then import back into PSS.  Note: You want to edit the title and subtitle hash columns.  All columns modify except for the "
EbayListing.title" column.

5. Amazon View All Listings - Added Filtering

This area was getting a lot of requests and we feel that we have improved the interface by having the same filtering options that exist in both Catalog Lookup and eBay View All Listings.  You can now filter 
by the same parameters that you could previously in Catalog Lookup; including Price, MPN, SKU, and Distributor.  Additionally you can now filter by ASIN.
  • We create Amazon listings for each distributor SKU however, only one will have inventory and appear on the public facing ASIN at a time.
  • Every night we will scrub/update each SKU
  • You will see multiple listings in your Amazon seller backend.
  • PSS will prevent you from attaching more than one product to an ASIN
Listing Creation/Management

When you create a listing that has a recommendation, it will go to the "Recommendation Queue"

When you create a listing that has no recommendation, it will go to both "Amazon View All Listings" as well as the "Search Queue".  The Search Queue is no more than a Brand/MPN lookup for you to go off of.

6. The ability to add/manage custom catalogs

This request has been on the development road map for a long time and is now up and running.  For those of you that have complete catalog data outside of the PSS catalog, you may now upload product information, price and inventory, and have PSS manage feeds to the marketplaces.

File Center > Schedule a Job > Catalog Import

After the new catalog is uploaded it will appear when you click on "Catalogs".  You can only work out of one catalog at a time, PSS or Custom.  There is no way to run a search that would deliver both PSS and Custom Catalog results.  

7. Override product groups UI

You can now override descriptions for an entire product group.  Click into a product and you arrive to the override management center.  Here you will see "Product Group Details" and "Product Details".  If you override the "Product Group Description" on any of the product pages within the group, it will override the group.  If you override the description on the product group, but then override the description on the product, the products individual override will take precedence.

8. Inventory Rules - Removal of Overall Minimum Buffer.  Addition of Marketplace Inventory Buffer.

The ability for PSS to help prevent overselling has been moved from distributor based Overall Minimum Buffer, to Marketplace Inventory Buffer.  In the marketplace settings (PSS Settings>eBay; PSS Settings>Amazon), your Marketplace Inventory Buffer will represent the minimum total quantity available to for the listing to be considered in stock. 

Keep in mind that the minimum total quantity available is constrained by lead times.  

9. Order Management changes/clarifications
  • Exports and Uploads has move to "File Center"
  • Bulk actions in PSS to orders has been removed.  To take action on orders in PSS you will click on Edit Order and go one by one.
  • Orders status - PSS will move orders from new to fulfilled automatically once the item has been confirmed by marketplace as shipped.  The only time PSS will move an order out of fulfilled is if it has been cancelled.
  • You can export a select number of orders directly out of PSS orders screen by highlighting them and clicking the export function.  The file will then show up in File Center.
  • On the order view page and packing slip, we are showing the actual SKU that was purchased, as well as all available SKUs as noted in the "Additional SKU column"
  • Added Distributor SKU to orders
  • We do inventory lookups both on the way out and the way in.  If a faster fulfilling SKU is available we will show you that SKU as the purchased SKU.
  • Notes section will tell you how/why we are showing you a purchased SKU other than the actual one that was purchased.
10. Temporary behavior changes to jobs (Creations and Revisions)

While PSS is monitoring this release we will need to toggle our job schedule to ensure performance and accuracy.  For the first 2-3 weeks we will be revising listings in the morning and creating them in the afternoon.  If you revise a title don't expect the revision to go out until the next morning.  If you create a listing at night don't expect it to create until the following afternoon.  Again, this is temporary behavior and should not severely impact anyones business.

11. Out of Stock Control

Previously we allowed for out of stock listings to be created.  Due to aggressive action by eBay in regards to stale listings we have removed this option.  If you check OOS control we will keep out of stock listings online however, we will not create OOS listings.

*Note for older PSS users that migrated from 2.5 - If you previously elected to migrate from 2.5 to 3.0 and not have your listings ended and recreated, PSS will need to do so this time around.  In doing so you will likely see some listings move offline to an OOS status.  This is perfectly normal.  The products are out of stock and PSS will mark them that way.  If they are in stock they will simply be recreated and will go online as normal retaining sales rank.

12.  Shipping Location Exclusions **IMPORTANT**

PSS now manages shipping exclusions across the board.  PO Box, AK/HI, International, etc.  

If you do not want to ship international altogether then the only thing that you have to do is make sure that your listing templates do NOT have GSP enabled or a Primary International Shipping Option offered.

PSS will now by default set all listings to ship with no excluded locations. By using the list in PSS, a seller may choose to override this behavior and exclude one or more regions from shipping.

You can set these exclusions and manage this preference out of PSS Settings > eBay (Shipping Locations) which is located at the very bottom of eBay settings.  Once you make this change it will be pushed out to all of your listings on the next revision cycle.

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