3.2 Inventory Rules

The Inventory Rules in PSS will help you to effectively manage both inventory and lead time values for each distributor, and each distributors warehouse. PSS will be pulling in distributor supplied inventory files on a daily basis so you can accurately display listings across all marketplaces. You will be setting up the Rules for each distributor you are currently selling from.  

Overall Minimum Buffer: Previous versions of PSS had an "Overall Minimum Buffer" by distributor. This is now gone and Overall Minimum buffer is on the marketplace level. You can find this buffer in marketplace settings. PSS > Settings > eBay or PSS > Settings > Amazon.

Minimum Buffer:
This value represents the minimum quantity that you are saying must be in the specific warehouse for it to be included in the final combined inventory calculation. The only reason we would recommend that you set this value to more than one is if you had experience or knowledge of a distributors specific warehouse that was known for having issues or not being current.

Drop ship Cutoff Value: This setting is going to help with lead time calculations. Many of the distributors will drop ship products directly to the customer for you. If you choose to drop ship products you can help leverage that to offer faster lead times. The lead time that PSS pushes out for your account gives the time in which tracking will be available for the customer, when the product ships, not when the customer receives it. Based off of your relationship with each distributor this value may vary. If you enter a value of "250", you are saying that you are comfortable drop shipping products over $250 and you can supply the tracking information within that time period.

Lead Time Value: The lead time value is for products that you do not want to drop ship. Products that financially don't make sense to drop ship but are still worth ordering for a customer and shipping out yourself. Based on the warehouse you will need to calculate the time from that warehouse to your location and enter that value accordingly. The Lead Time is essentially how many days it will take for you to get the shipment tracking information into eBay. If you enter 3, the marketplaces and the customer both know that it will take 3 days from when the order is received by you to the time that it ships to them.

If you are in California, do not put a 2 for a warehouse in New York. 4 or 5 days is likely more reasonable and will prevent you from selling items with deadlines that you cannot physically meet.

Exclude Warehouse: If you simply don't wish to show any products from a particular warehouse you can exclude it with the check box.



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