3.2 Overall Quality of Data and How to Address Flaws

The primary service that Powersports Support provides is the cleaning, manipulation, and delivery of distributor data; to get it into an easily usable, web ready format.  This is easier said than done.  The fact of the matter is that by the time the data gets from the manufacturer to the distributors it is in a severely fractured state and often times not usable for eCommerce.  We have made constant attempts to try and get these distributors to work with a 21st century mentality and embrace change however, not everything goes as smoothly as we would like.

To aggregate all of this data and tie it all in to daily price/inventory feeds is no easy task.  In addition to a large team dedicated to data management we also have sophisticated software that is running look-ups and providing reports several times a day against the databases to ensure the highest quality.  Unfortunately, it is not a perfect science and it never will be.  There are just too many variables and the amount of data is significant.  All of this and we have not even discussed the reliability and nuances of the different marketplaces.

With taking all of this into consideration we ask that you look at things with perspective.  You will come across bad product matches that produce price errors.  You will come across Size and Color discrepancies.  And you will come across bad fitment.  If you are looking for perfection related to all of the points mentioned above it might be best for you to reconsider the use of PSS and look at other options.

PSS was first launched in 2010 and has come a long way in providing a high quality, reliable service.  We track the quality of our data internally based on what our dealer network reports and we have found that the data defect rate is about 6,200 SKUs out of roughly 750,000.  This is a very general data defect rate of about .83%.  It is a number we strive to shrink but, a number we are proud of.

I acknowledge that what the distributors are providing is not of quality, now how can I address the flaws in the PSS catalog?

When you come across catalog issues you have two options:

1. Request an item review

2. Override the issue

To request and item review you will go into the catalog and highlight the bad SKU.  From there just click on the "Request Revision" button and tell us what the issue is.  Once you do this we will send 0 inventory to the SKU until it is corrected.  Some issues take longer than others to address due to the size of our database and the way the data is structured.  

To Override the issue simply visit our help articles on Product Overrides.

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