3.2 How to Override a Price

When overriding a price you have two options; Directly out of PSS Catalog or Import .csv file via PSS File Center.

Option 1: Directly out of PSS catalog

Step 1 - Click on Catalog view and locate the product.  Click on the product name and you will be taken to the Override Management Center.

Step 2 - Scroll down to Price Overrides.  You can amend each SKU to any price that you want.  Make sure to hit save.  The updated price will go out with the next daily revision feeds.

Option 2: Import .csv File via PSS File Center

Step 1 - From Dashboard, click on File Center > Schedule a Job > Import Price Overrides.

Step 2 - Use the template that is provided and make sure you follow each note.  Once you have the SKUs formatted correctly to the PSS format just import the price override file.

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