3.2 How to Override a Description - Product and Product Group Level

When overriding a Description you have one option; Directly out of PSS Catalog.  While there is only one method of overriding a description there are actually two ways to issue the override.  On a product level and on a product group level; both covered below.

PRODUCT GROUP Description Override - This will override all descriptions in the product group.  If you have a helmet with 20 different size/color variations and want all the descriptions to be the same you will want to override the group.

Step 1 - Click on Catalog view and locate the product or a product in a group.  Click on the product name and you will be taken to the Override Management Center.

Step 2 - Under the Product Group Details go ahead and edit the description to your liking.  Once complete make sure to hit save.  This will send the override out to all products in this product group on the next daily revision cycle.  If you want to see what products are in a product group simply scroll down to the bottom of the Override Management Center.  You can also go to the catalog view and off to the far right side is a "Filter Group" button.

PRODUCT Description Override - 
It should be noted up front that a Product Override will take precedence over a Product Group Override.  If you only want to edit the description of one product in the group, or a product that has its own group alone for that matter; simply override the Product Description.  This is done similar to how you override the product group, it is just located farther down the Override Management Center screen.

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