3.2 How to Upload Your Own Products - Custom Product Uploader

For those of you that have catalog data outside of the PSS catalog, you may now upload product information, price and inventory, and have PSS manage feeds to the marketplaces.

To import your private catalog follow the following steps:

Step 1 - Click on File Center > Schedule a Job >  Import Private Catalog

Step 2 - Click on the Template to download; follow instructions on the Template.

Step 3 - Load Data into Template - Keys Points!

1. The following fields will be generated by PSS once you load the file in.  They will also be populated on future exports:

-Manufacturer.id (Generated by PSS, don't provide on initial input)
-ProductGroup.id (Generated by PSS, don't provide on initial input)
-Product.id (Generated by PSS, don't provide on initial input)

You will use the above referenced fields if you wish to edit different parts of the product in the future.  When not supplied it triggers the "creation" of the products.  Think of the above fields as calls to trigger a modification or update to a product.

2. The following fields are mandatory:

Manufacturer.name (Name of manufacturer)
ProductGroup.name (Each product or "MPN" will either be a variation and belong to a group of many; or be on its own in a group)
Product.manufacturer_part_number (MPN)
Product.msrp (MSRP)

3. The following fields are optional:

ProductGroup.description (Description of Product; html recommended but not required)
Product.image (Image URL)

*Some more help on understanding the uploading private catalog info and how you will need to manage inventory.

Two different concepts below; Private Catalog Import Products and Import Shelf Quantities.

For Private Catalog Import Products reference "Private Catalog Import Products"

*This is just raw Product Info - no price or inventory

*You do not need to worry about the Distributor SKU here. After you upload the product we will assign it a SKU by automatically putting a PR in front of the MPN you supply.

*For Product.manufacturer_part_number make sure you are using the actual MPN from the original manufacturer. 

*After you upload this info into PSS you will see in PSS Catalog Search > Private where we have assigned the PR to the MPN to come up with the distributor SKU. On the csv "Client Import Shelf Quantities" file you will use this SKU for inventory and price.

For Price and Inventory for Private Catalog reference "Client Import Shelf Quantities"

*This is just price and inventory fulfillment related stuff based on Distributor SKU

*DistributorPart.distributor_sku is just the MPN with PR in front of it. On a csv you can easily ad PR by using formula =”PR”&cell

*PSS Generates the Distributor SKU; to do this we simply apply a PR to the front of the Private Catalog Import field of "Product.manufacturer_part_number"

*You will need to take the MPNs from your distributor price/quantity file and apply a PR to the front of it. This is not an MPN, just a way for PSS to manage inventory.

*PR in PSS terms means Private. We assign the PR to the front of the MPN to differentiate it from Tucker, Automatic, Western SKUs which begin int he TR, AU, WP

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