3.2 How to Upload Your Own Warehouse Inventory

If you maintain inventory at your location that you would like represented in PSS you have two options for input:

Option 1: Directly out of PSS catalog

Step 1 - Click on Catalog view and locate the product.  Click on the product name and you will be taken to the Override Management Center.

Step 2 - Scroll down to Shelf Quantities.  You can amend each SKU with the following:

Quantity - Current number on your shelf.  Will be deducted automatically when sale occurs on marketplace.  Once this quantity is exhausted, PSS will look to the distributors for price/inventory.

Lead Time - If it is in your shop, you would likely want a 1 here.  Number of days you require to get tracking into the marketplace.

Sale Price - Same as a price override but, for just the shelf stock.  

**Make sure to hit save!

Option 2: Import .csv File via PSS File Center

Step 1 - From Dashboard, click on File Center > Schedule a Job > Import Price Overrides.

Step 2 - Use the template that is provided and make sure you follow each note.  

1. Catalog.name must be one of AFTERMARKET, OEM or PRIVATE

2. Set quantity to 0 to remove inventory

3. Set lead_time to blank to remove values and set to default

4. Set sale_price to blank to remove values and set to default

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