3.2 A Statement on Category Structure

Since inception, Powersports Support has been committed to providing a custom website solution for powersports dealers in order to diversify away from the major eComm platforms of eBay and Amazon. During this journey there have been several big successes accompanied by a significant amount of failures.

In our testing and research, we found the primary reasons that dealers were failing with our custom website offering was the client having unrealistic expectations, and a poor understanding of the data resources provided by both brand and distributor altogether. One of the most common false expectations relates to the categorization of products.

Here are some key points that we would like you to acknowledge before moving forward:

1. We receive the catalog data the same way that you do. The best way to describe it is raw, undesirable, and fractured.

2. These products do not come categorized from the brands or distributors.

3. There is no uniform categorization method used by the brands and distributors; or the industry for that matter.

4. PSS has spent thousands of man hours to deliver a functional, and fairly accurate category structure for beginning users to adopt. This is a best effort by our catalog team and is completely serviceable from an eCommerce standpoint. You can sell products using this category structure. Is it optimal? Absolutely not. Does it function? Yes.

5. You will find products that are not categorized properly. Don’t be surprised if you find a foot peg in the steering category. Again, this is a best effort process and the catalog contains hundreds of thousands of products with multiple variations. You will find products that are not categorized properly; when you do find them, we offer a way to report it directly out of our catalog management UI or by support ticket.

6. We maintain the catalog and are constantly making edits and fixes based on our own efforts along with what our client base reports. If one client reports an issue, we make the fix for the entire network of dealers.

7. This contract does not require Powersports Support to deliver or maintain a flawless and error free category structure.

8. You do not have to use our category structure. With PSS you have the ability to categorize all of the products exactly how you want.

Note: Creating a category structure and mapping 250,000+ products a specific category structure is not a small task. In fact, it is so large in scope and requires so much attention to detail that companies have lost thousands of dollars trying to do it. If you do not have 5+ years of direct eCommerce cataloging experience, we recommend that you do not make it a priority until you have been using our software and catalog for at least 9 months.

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