3.2 Managing Your Category Structure

Upon sign-up you likely opted to use our stock category structure and product mapping.  While the majority of our users elect to use our category structure as is, some prefer to take on the significant task of custom categorization and product mapping.

Before starting the below you will want to get a game plan together.  Do you want to organize by each sector: Dirt, Street, ATV/UTV, etc.?  Or do you want to keep it simple and go Parts and Apparel?  There is no "right or wrong way"

Step 1 - Download your existing category structure out of PSS.  

To do this go to File Center and Schedule a Job.  

Next, select Webstore Categories and Products: Client: Export Category Structure

Step 2 - Retrieve your Category Export File (.csv) from File Center and Open

*You cannot "edit" the categories  You must delete existing and create new.  If there is a category you want changed you must delete it and create the one you want.

*To delete a category simply put a 1 in the delete column

*To add a category, list it on the csv and make sure it does not have a 1 in the delete column

Step 3 - Upload your revised Category Structure .csv file

From File Center > Schedule a job; Select Webstore Categories and Products: Client: Import Category Structure.  Categories should be live on site within an hour.

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