3.2 Unmapping Products and Removing from Cart

To remove products from your cart/website you simply need to remove the category mapping from the product.  This is done by csv file, the same way that remapping is done.

Step 1 - From the PSS Dash, go to File Center > Schedule a Job.  Webstore Categories and Products - Client: Export Product Mapping

Step 2 - Download

When you request the product mapping file you will put in an email address to notify you when complete.  These files can take some time to generate due to their size.  Once you have been notified that the file is available, go back into File Center and retrieve it.  Download.

Step 3 - Identify the data to work with

This file will have every product group.  We recommend that you work in batches.  Sort the .csv file by Manufacturer or Webstore Category Path and deal with chunks at a time rather than the entire catalog.  1,000-3,000 product groups at a time is a good start.

Start a new .csv file and title it as you wish.  Consider a document title in relation to the date and the type of filtering you used to drill down to these results.

Copy/Paste Values of the mapping file header, onto your new csv.

Copy/Paste Values of the lines of data that you are going to work with, onto your new csv.

Once you have the header and 1,000-3,000 lines of data on your new csv, save your work.

Step 4 - Remapping / Removing

The only two column that required for this is category path.  Do Not amend .id or .name columns.  Leave them be.  


1. Unmap all products on your .csv file.  Clear the values in the category path column.  Hit Save.

2. Go into PSS Dash > File Center.  Schedule a Job.

Webstore Categories and Products - Client: Import Product Mapping

3. This action clears the category path and unmaps the file, removing it from the cart.  After the import you will want to go into File Center and make sure that the job processed successfully.

*As mentioned above, all header columns must be retained.  Even if they are not being used you must have them present on the csv file or else the upload will fail.

*Just clear contents of the cells relating to the category path of the products you wish to delete and they will be removed.

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