Walmart Listing Creation

Creating listings on Walmart through PSS is very similar to how our Amazon module functions.  You are simply creating a standard listing by attaching your product to a UPC (Universal Product Code).

Step 1 - PSS > Catalog 
Filter by "Walmart Listing Status" (Unlisted)
Filter on the top right of the screen by "Show 500"
Click Search

Step 2 - Additional Filtering
Use filters such as Manufacturer, Price, etc. to locate the products that you wish to list

Step 3 - List
Once you have the products displayed that you want to list you will highlight all or some of them and click the Listing Creation button at the top of the screen.

Step 4 - Walmart Tax Code Selection
PSS catalog data has proper tax code information and it will be submitted on a product by product basis on the backend.  When you create listings simply go with the first default tax code that comes up, General Clothing.  PSS will override this tax code upon creation.

Once you click submit the listings will be submitted to Walmart within 15 minutes and should post within 3-5 hours.

******Important Notes******

Walmart Unlisted
When you go into the PSS catalog and filter by Walmart Unlisted, the products you are then viewing will match the following parameters:

1. They will have a UPC
2. They will have a Walmart Category
3. They will be unlisted

Multiple SKUs per MPN
Same as other PSS integrations; when you create a listing for the Tucker SKU, the WPS, PU, HH SKU will also be listed as well.

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