3.2 Walmart Settings

Inventory Ceiling: This will allow you to limit the quantity of products for sale on one listing. Example: If you have this set at 5 but an item has 12 qty available, you will be advertising that you have 5 for sale. On the other end if you have it at 5 but an item has 2 qty available, you will still advertise the 2 for sale.

This is helpful for a new account that might have listing limits on eBay. eBay will calculate your listing limits based off of Selling Price and Quantity available. eBay likes to see a low ratio of total dollars listed compared to overall sales. *eBay Motors prefers a value of 4 or less in this field. 10 should be the absolute max

Marketplace Inventory Buffer: This feature is used to prevent overselling. It reflects the minimum quantity required from all distributors in order for it to be considered in stock on the marketplace. PSS recommends an inventory buffer of no less than 4 on each marketplace, with 6 being considered conservative.

If you have a value of 6, the product will not show in stock unless there are at least 6 available from all sources. This setting is critical to address overselling. Some dealers will try to get away with a setting of two however, time and time again they come back complaining about overselling.

Lead Time Ceiling: In order to eliminate listings with a lead time greater than 1 day you can select a Lead Time Ceiling of 1, this will not push inventory to the marketplace unless the product has a 1 day lead time.

*Keep in mind that a low Lead Time Ceiling can greatly reduce your inventory and make perfectly fine products be marked as out of stock. If you are not trying to only sell products that you can get tracking into eBay within 1 day we would recommend a ceiling more like 4 or 5.

Lead Time Floor: If you don't want all of the calculated lead times from your Inventory Rules to be used across your listings you can assign a Lead Time Floor. If you enter a value of 3 here, any calculated lead times of 1 or 2 will be raised to 3. This setting should be almost always be set at 1. 2 would be a good value for a small shop that sometimes finds themselves a day behind on shipping.

Disable Pricing Option: If you have a repricer or other 3rd party managing your pricing you can check this box and eBay listings will not receive price updates during revisions.

Minimum Price Threshold: If you do not wish to sell products below a certain amount you can enter that value here. An entered value of 25, will restrict any positive inventory from being sent to listings of products that have a price below $25.

Minimum Price Applies to: Choose to have the Minimum Price Threshold apply to MSRP or the Calculated Price (either by Price Rules or Overrides) 

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