4.0 PSS Webstore Settings

The PSS Webstore settings are mainly straightforward but we will cover them as needed.  

To access the PSS Webstore Settings click on the Settings tab on the right side of menu

Contact Information
Store Name: Store Name
Customer Service Email: Email address for shoppers to contact you
Customer Service Telephone: Phone for shoppers to contact you
Address: Your address

Map Latitude: Latitude of your store
Map Longitude: Longitude of your store
*By inputing these values it will allow a map of your location to be displayed on a google map within the Contact Us page.  You can retrieve these long/lat values by going to google and placing a pin on your location.  Go to the URL and it will show lat/long coordinates.  Copy/paste into settings.

Shipping and Tax
Tax Jurisdiction: Select your State from dropdown
Tax: Tax rate

Tag Line: This will appear next to your logo on home landing page
About Us: Your about us page.  Insert images of your shop, tell a story, etc.

Social Media
Just provide links to each channel and we will do the rest

Return Policy: Storewide return policy for customers to see

Coming Soon: check this box to have your store in a coming soon status
Theme: You may select between multiple themes.  More being added monthly.
Main Logo URL:  Main logo on top left.  URL of image you uploaded to PSS Webstore > Manage Files
Alternate Logo URL
Background Image URL
Mini Bike Icon URL

Banners: These are the images that slide across the homepage.  You may build these on your own or outsource to a 3rd party.  Change as often as you like.  PSS does not design custom banners.  Any existing banners on your store upon delivery are simply generic place holders that you may use if you wish.

The ideal size for the banners would is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. You will want to leave about 100-200 pixels of space for text/marketing material to ensure that it is visible on all layouts (mobile/tablet/desktop) but the background image should be the full 1920x1080

Banner 1 Image URL:  URL of image you uploaded to PSS Webstore > Manage Files.  Just copy the link and paste it here.  Or if you have your own external hosted image link you may insert here.

Banner 1 Links To:  Put in the public URL if you want to enable the ability for someone to click banner and land somewhere else; like Shop Parts, or Shop Helmets.

Banner 2 Image URL and Link out; same as above.

Search Engine Optimization

Payment Gateway
Gateway Provider: On initial launch we provided PayPal Express Checkout.  More are being added month by month.

Environment: Select "Production"

API Signature - See steps below:

1. Go HERE

2. Log in with the Paypal business account you would like payments to be made to.

3. Once logged in, using the left-hand navigation menu, navigate to "My Apps & Credentials" 

4. Under the section titled "REST API apps" click "Create App" 

5. Enter "PSS Webstore" for the "App Name" and click "Create App".  When you create an application the sandbox developer account should be automatically created for you.  If it is not then you will need to create one in PayPal on this same page.  Use the left hand Nav/Menu and go through the steps to create one.

6. Select "Live" from the top-right section of the page to get information about your live application.

7. Copy the text under the label "Client ID" and paste this into your PSS Webstore Settings under API Signature. 

Put into here

8. Hit SAVE in PSS

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