PSS Webstore Capabilities, Limitations, Customization Options

PSS has integrated it's robust data plug-in with several of the popular eCommerce shopping cart platforms over the past several years and in doing so we've learned a lot.  Not only about custom websites and the limitations of dealing with 3rd parties, but also the true needs and expectations of powersports dealers across the country.

After having average results with the 3rd party shopping cart plug-ins, we decided to go down a development path where we could provide a basic website and shopping cart solution at an approachable price point for the average powersports dealer.  A solution that behaved in a timely and predictable manner was our primary directive for our development team.  

In the end we came away with a modern, easy to use interface that allows users to manipulate basic front end web design with ease.  Your Logos, Banners, Blogs, Images, etc. can all be manipulated and managed through PSS without the need to hire 3rd party web developers.  And of course, daily price/inventory updates in a reliable fashion on the backend.

In order to achieve all of the above we were required to have limitations in regards to capability and customization from a design and function standpoint.  Here are some points to keep in mind when working on this platform:

1. Themes
PSS is launching this offering with two themes and plans to add more each and every month.  You cannot apply a custom theme to our webstore offering

2. Color Variations
We will add more color variations to our theme options very soon.  We want you to be able to have colors that work with your logo and structured assets.

3. Product Detail Page
There is no customization available for the product pages

4. Banners
The banners or "sliders" can be changed out with ease.  You can change the look/feel of your store by hiring a graphic designer to mock up images for your latest product promotions or updates.

The ideal size for the banners would is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. You will want to leave about 100-200 pixels of space for text/marketing material to ensure that it is visible on all layouts (mobile/tablet/desktop) but the background image should be the full 1920x1080

5. Blogs and Information about your store
Just type this information into PSS settings and it will go right to your site.

6. Unable to support multiple images for a single MPN.  The support of multiple product images is on the PSS development roadmap however, it is not implemented at this time.  Expected delivery date is November 2018.

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