Shipping Override

Shipping Overrides will allow you to add an additional surcharge to certain products that might be too big or bulky to ship under your normal rules.  
* Products you send to Amazon through PSS will fall into the shipping settings that you have set up in Amazon Seller Central, we recommend the Price Band model
* Products sent to eBay will be attached to a template that will provide the shipping information relevant to that group of products

A shipping over ride can be applied to any product in the catalog, but first you need to create it.  Simply name the override, select what marketplaces to apply it to, and provide a value. (The name should reference the Value so you can quickly identify the proper override)

Once you have the Override created you can attach products from the Catalog Look Up.  Identify the product you want to charge additional shipping for, select it, and hit the Override button and finally Shipping Override.  Select the Override you want to use from the drop down menu and save it.

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