Powersports Support v2.5 Migration Status


Powersports Support is in the process of updating all client applications to the latest version of our software.

These updates focus on:
  • Increased performance for marketplace feed generation
  • Simplified application configuration
  • More control over the products that are available for sale on the Basic webstore included with every PSS subscription
  • Minor performance improvements to the catalog lookup interface
  • Infrastructure updates & increased fault tolerance
During the update customers may experience the inability to access their dashboard and/or their basic webstore as well as delays in communication with the marketplaces. We expect to resume normal operation by Wednesday (06/24/2015).

We ask that all technical problems & bug reports be sent directly to support@powersportsupport.com.

UPDATE 06/23/2015 1:29PM PDT

All client applications have successfully been migrated to the latest version of PSS. Automation for marketplaces should now resume normally. Any subsequent maintenance windows requiring the suspension of communication should be unnoticeable.

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