Amazon - Action Required: Listings Deactivated for Potential Pricing Error

You may receive notifications from Amazon regarding listings be deactivated for a pricing error.  You should check your Performance Notifications in your Seller Central account to open all these message and acknowledge that they have been read.  Amazon will run your pricing of products against other sellers on Amazon and if your price is considered Too High or Low Amazon will deactivate the listing assuming there has been a matching error.  

If the product and price is correct you can edit the listing in Amazon and give it the OK to sell at that price.  If the product was matched incorrectly you should find the product in the PSS catalog look up.  Once it has been found use the Amazon button to Search Amazon and it will go into your Product Search Queue while we find a new potential match for you.  While the product is in the Search Queue it will receive quantity 0 until a new match is found.

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