Request Types

The Catalog API requests can be broken down to two types of requests: Simple and Deferred/Job type requests.

Simple Requests

A simple request/response lifecycle:
  1. Client Application makes a request to the Catalog API
  2. Catalog API returns the requested information to the Client Application

Deferred/Job Requests

The Catalog API makes it possible for a Client Application to send and receive very large amounts of data to the Catalog API. These request types have been designed to make handling larger requests more efficient by leveraging the PSS infrastructure to use parallel execution of requests.

Job requests are further broken down in to two methods:
  • GeneratedCatalog API will generate a file for the Client Application to retrieve and process internally
  • ProcessedCatalog API will process a file provided by the Client Application

Job Request Lifecycle

A full list of all Job types and their methods can be found at: /jobs/get_job_types
  1. Client Application requests the creation of a job (/jobs/create_job) with supplied job_type_id
  2. Catalog API will respond with a creation success/failure message
  3. Client Application periodically checks the status of the job (/jobs/get_job_status)
  4. Job status is marked as complete
  5. Client Application will process the generated data (if available)

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