Example Workflows

In this section you will find the step necessary to accomplish different workflows using the PSS Catalog API. These are short summaries only and should first be discussed with the End User and the Development Team before any implementation begins.

Populating an External Shopping Cart

  1. Using the PSS Dashboard the End User will list and map products to the desired categories they would like the products being listed to appear in
  2. Client Application will poll the Catalog API to request the category structure the End User has created within PSS Dashboard using the webstore_categories/get_categories endpoint
  3. Client Application will poll the Catalog API to request the products that are mapped to a specific category using the webstore_categories/get_products endpoint
  4. Once the category structure and category mapping have been saved locally (optional), Client Application will poll the webstore_products/get_product_details endpoint to retrieve full product details to display on the End Users external cart

Daily Price/Quantity Updates

  1. Using a combination of the Deferred/Job type family of requests Client Application will request (at a schedule set by developer) inventory and price related reports to be generated
  2. When the requested job has been completed, Client Application will download the report and process the information

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