PSS Marketplace Order Management

Data Protection Policies

PSS spends an incredible amount of resources trying to ensure the validity of the data contained within our catalog of products & parts. By accessing the Catalog API the Client Application, End User & Development team is offered unfettered access to the complete list of products and product information. In order to protected our Catalog Data from unauthorized use we have taken several steps to encode/encrypt certain aspects of the information that is relayed across the Catalog API.

Although some information is supplied in an encoded/encrypted manner we have taken very special care in ensuring that this encryption does not interfere with the operating workflow of any Client Application that is authorized to use the Catalog Data.

Product Hierarchy

Products/Parts are represented in a Super/Sub Product classification where a Super Product will represent a full line of individual manufacturer part numbers while the Sub Product represents an actual purchasable good.

In the above diagram the Super Product would be the Airframe Solid Helmet line of products offered by Icon.

Sub Products represent all the individual variations within a Super Product, denoted by either a Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) or a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) represented by XS/Rubatone Black & M/Rubatone Black, etc..

To get a better understanding of the Product Hierarchy please review the Model Definitions and Data Structuring section of the Catalog API Technical Documentation.

Facilitating Order Management

PSS will encrypt all MPN SKU information with a 32 digit alphanumeric representation. All references within the Catalog API will adhere to Super/Sub Product relationships however, in order for the End User to fulfill orders and gain access to the full unencoded/unencrypted supplied by both the Manufacturers and Distributors the Client Application must make use of the Orders Endpoint to push the SKU/Sale data back to PSS.

By pushing order information to PSS the End User will be able to use the order management & processing tools offered by PSS to complete the full sales lifecycle.

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