Configuring Lightspeed EVO for PSS Integration

This guide will assist a mutual customer of PSS and CDK in setting up both their PSS Account and their instance of CDK Lightspeed EVO to communicate with one another.


Customers of PSS that are interested in integrating their installation of Lightspeed EVO must first ensure their application has the Weborders Module enabled. If you do not have the Weborders Module enabled for your application please contact your CDK Global account manager or contact CDK Global customer support.

Once you have ensured your installation of Lightspeed EVO has the Weborders Module enabled you may continue on to the following sections.

Lightspeed Settings

In your PSS Dashboard navigate to Settings > Lightspeed. If the Lightspeed module is not enabled for your account, enable it.

Once enabled, create a Lightspeed Username & Lightspeed Password. This username/password does not have to match that which is used to log in to Lightspeed. Infact, it is preferred that a new, totally unique username and password be created for this step.

Server Connection

The server connection settings can be found in System > Preferences > Location > Web Orders. From this screen you will specify the URL EVO should communicate with, the required credentials and the communication interval.

Do not set the Enabled flag until all of the following steps have been completed:

URL: Please enter the Web Orders Endpoint URL that was shown in previous step when configuring the Lightspeed Settings within your PSS Dashboard.
User: Please enter the Lightspeed Username that was created in the previous step when configuring the Lightspeed Settings within your PSS Dashboard.
Password: Please enter the Lightspeed Password that was created in the previous step when configuring the Lightspeed Settings within your PSS Dashboard.
Content Type: Please select XML from the dropdown list.
Request Interval: You may choose any interval you like.
Retry Interval: Please leave this at the default settings.

The Machine Address setting is read only but is not set by default. To set this value click the icon to the right of the field. This is the EVO server mac address and is used as a security feature in the communication process.

After populating the settings click the Test Connection button. This will return a dialog that indicates success or failure in establishing a connection to the server. The corresponding API endpoint will need to be configured to respond to this request.

Once communication is successful set the Enabled flag and save the connection settings.

Payment Configuration

To correctly process web orders in Evolution appropriate methods of payment will need to be configured. The reason for this is to be able to account for the revenue in the web order process but not require EVO to actually process payments for these orders as this occurs on the web site. 

The Web Commerce Method of Payments are found under Parts > Lists > Web Commerce Methods of Payment. They will map the methods of payment defined in the API: VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX, PAYPAL, OTHER, etc. Select the appropriate payment option from the listed options for each payment type.

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