3.2 SKU Amendments

Many of the Override files that you can use in PSS will need to have the SKUs formatted correctly. We amend the distributor SKUs with their initials.  Whether you are using a Price Over, or Shelf Inventory File all the SKU's will need to be in this format.  

Helmet House - Long Form - HH in the front of each SKU
Sullivans - Long Form - SU
Western Powersports - Long Form - WP
Tucker Rocky - Short Form - TR
Parts Unlimited - Long Form - PU
Scorpion - Long Form - SC
Bell Powersports - Long Form - BP

Long and Short Form reference the dashes in a SKU.  Example 0123-4567  is the long form from Parts Unlimited, short form would be 01234567.  PSS uses the long form for everyone except Tucker Rocky.  

You can pull a complete list of products from any distributor you would like, usually in a .csv file.  Once you have the file you can quickly add this information to the spreadsheet using Excel.  The formula for adding the initials is ="HH"&B2 , where HH is for Helmet House products and the cell B2 would be the distributor provided SKU.

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