More on the Product Mapping csv

The Product Mapping file can be generated from below the Webstore tab in PSS, go to the Import Product Mapping page for the template.  After you have filed out any category information it is recommended that you use the Export Product Mapping feature to keep continually working on adding new products.  The Export Product Mapping will provide you with a receipt of all the products that have been mapped already as well as products that need categories assigned to them.  This process is essentially and "opt in", meaning that if a product has a category associated with it, that product will push over to the webstore.  To remove a product from the webstore, remove the category that is associated with that product and import back into PSS.

You can add a product group to multiple categories if you choose.  To do so use the same Category Path column and add both category paths separated by a semi-colon ;

Tires > ATV > Mud;Tires > ATV > Sport

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