Adding Products to Store UI

Please note that before any products can be pushed you must add categories into PSS as mentioned in previous articles.  Add categories via User Interface or Add categories via CSV

One of the two options for adding products to your shopping cart is through PSS using the Catalog Look Up.  

After you land in the catalog you will have several filters to choose from in order to find the data that you wish to push.  Click in any open space on the item line.  Once you have selected a product or products use the Listing Creation tab to add the products to the webstore. 

 You will have a drop down menu of all the categories that have been created in PSS, choose the lowest category level that you want the selected product to be placed into and hit submit.  You can also choose to have the product be listed as "featured" on your webstore, this can vary based on what shopping cart you are using and the design theme you are using.  Products will be sent to the webstore in Product Groups, PSS groups products by a combination of the Brand and Name in PSS.  You only need to select one product from a product group to push the entire group to your webstore.  The combination of attributes and fitment will be supplied for the products on the product page of your shopping cart.

Can I add a product group to multiple categories?
Yes.  To do so use the same Category Path column and add both category paths separated by a semi-colon ; with no spaces.  Note:  You can only assign a product group to multiple categories by using the csv mapping file, it is not supported by the UI.

How fast do the products push?
Once you create and push products in PSS to your shopping cart you can expect them to arrive in the cart at a rate of about 4,000 per day.  This means that it can take up to a month to add 100,000 products to a shopping cart.

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