Shelf Invetory

If you maintain inventory at your location that you would like represented in PSS you can upload those quantities directly into your PSS dashboard.  This will also be used for products that are not in the PSS catalog that you are maintaining on your own.  
You will need the following:
SKU - In PSS form when necessary
Quantity - The amount available for each SKU
Leadtime - (optional) How long it will take to get the product shipped
Price - (optional) The price of the item being sold, This price will only be given to the shelf inventory quantity, once the shelf inventory quantity has been exhausted your price rules and overrides will take precedent

Under the Catalog tab in your PSS account you can navigate to Import Shelf Inventory, this will supply you with the correct template.  Please fill out all the necessary information, save the file as a .csv and upload back into the PSS dashboard.

You can also add shelf inventory through the Catalog Look Up as well.  Search for the product in Catalog Look Up and click the title of the product to open the override page.  Scroll down to the Shelf Inventory portion of the page.  Enter the quantity available, and the leadtime for the appropriate SKU.  

When a shelf item sells on the marketplace, the marketplace will be reduced immediately.  As soon as the order is pulled into PSS, PSS will update immediately.  On the following inventory revision PSS will also send this information back to marketplace.  Note:  Once all shelf quantity is exhausted the sku will shift back over to distributor stock.

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