3.2 eBay Create Listings

Before you can create any listings for eBay make sure that you have created Listing Templates.  Once you have templates created you can go through the Catalog Look Up to find the products you wish to list and attach them to the appropriate templates.  We recommend searching using a Manufacturer Group, a Keyword, maybe a price filter and finally the eBay Status filter.  Use this to only show products that are not listed on eBay so you can focus on creating new listings.

Products from Multiple Distributors
When products exist from multiple distributors you only need to choose a SKU from one distributor, PSS will automatically pull inventory from other distributors for you into that one listing.  If a product is available from WP, TR and PU; simply create the listing for the WP SKU then the TR and PU SKUs will be included as "Listed" in subsequent searches as well.  

Variation Style Listings
Variations allow you to group products together and allow shoppers on eBay to select the color, size, option from the listing.  Variations are not available in all categories and are restricted to products without fitment.  You should target helmets, apparel and other items with color, size attributes for variation listings.  Variations are valuable for a few reasons, if you are not in the VIP Program you can consolidate multiple SKUs into a single listing to save on insertion fees.  The sales history is also grouped together for variation listings.  If you have a Helmet listing that has 5 colors and 6 sizes, that represents 60 SKU's on the listing.  If a Black Small sells, the entire listing gets a bump up in eBay search results, then if a White Large sell the listing bumps up again. You are aggregating the sales history for multiple SKUs in the listing resulting in higher search resolution.

Search for the appropriate products in Catalog Look Up, you will want to focus on products that have the same Name and a unique combination of Attributes in PSS.  
In this example the Name is RPHA 10 Buzzsaw Helmets, and the color and size combinations such as RED XS only appear once in this group.

Once you have selected a group of products us the Listing Creation button to create an eBay listing.

You will first choose the correct template based on the products you have selected.  

Create your own unique title in the Title Hash field, this allows you to customize the listing title and add your own key words.

Subtitle can be entered as well (Free with VIP)

Group Variations - Make sure this box is checked so PSS will create the appropriate drop down menus on the eBay listing.

Once everything is filled out hit Submit to queue the listings for creation.

Individual Listings
Individual listings will be used primarily for hard parts.  Even though they can not be grouped together in variations you can still list multiple products at time.  Again start with a search in the Catalog Look Up.  By focusing on a specific Name in the catalog you can quickly list products and provide strong titles using your own keywords.  

In this example we have selected a handful of plastic kits.

Use the Listing Creation button to create eBay Listings.

Choose the appropriate template according the products you have selected.

For the title you will need to be creative here.  You can use any of the tags provided by PSS 
These will pull in the information from the catalog into your title

{%MANUFACTURER_GROUP%}  {%TITLE%} {%COLOR%} {%MPN%} this will become:
Acerbies Full Plastic Kit Original 2462605135
Acerbies Full Plastic Kit Black 2462600001 etc

This will create valid listings but they are not very unique.  It is recommended to use a combination of the tags and your own keywords to enhance the listing titles.  

  {%MANUFACTURER_GROUP%}  Motorcycle Full Plastic Kits {%COLOR%} MPN:{%MPN%}  

Acerbies Motorcycle Full Plastic Kits Original MPN: 2462605135
Acerbies Motorcycle Full Plastic Kits MPN: 2462600001 etc  

The more specific your search and selection of products will allow you to augment the catalog data with your own keywords to help ensure unique, searchable titles.

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