Webstore Capabilities

PSS will provide an application that will allow you to create categories, map products and push them to your chosen shopping cart.  The design and display of your website will be up to you to manage.  You will want to get familiar with the different settings in each shopping cart or hire a 3rd party external of PSS to handle the functionality of your shopping cart and site. 

Items to look for:

Category Display
      - Left Hand Navigation, Top Navigation etc.
      - Subcategory Display
      - Filters maybe available for Manufacture, Price etc.

Home Page Contect
      - Rotating Banners
      - Promotional Tiles, Links etc

Search Indexing

Checkout Process
     - 1 Page checkout etc.
     - Payment processors and integrations.

SSL Certificate


Design Work
FTP Access

Google Shopping Integration

URL Structures

Shipping Options
    - Flat vs Calculated
    - International
    - Restrict Brands from International

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