eBay Listing Status - Errors and Fixes

OnlineThese are live, active listings, that are being regularly revised for price and inventory.

OfflineThese are offline listings.  Exact reason for this is broken into different categories as outline below.


If a user decides to disable a listing it will be taken down.  You can then re-enable the listing and it will come back online.  PSS does not disable listings.  The only reason people would typically disable a listing is because of inaccurate information or a MAP violation.  Disabled actions that have been requested by user are carried out every 30 minutes.

Listing Issue: Duplicate Title

These are offline, inactive listings because a listing with the same listing already exists.  If you create two listings with the same title, at the same time, neither listing will create.  If you create a listing but a listing was previously created and posted with the same title, the online listing will remain however the new one you attempted to list will not be created.

Listing Issue: Listing Template

These are offline, inactive listings because eBay has an issue with one or more aspect of your listing template.  If you click on the listing title and scroll to the bottom of the listing preview you will be able to see the creation report with the reason that the item failed to post.  The most common errors are:

Error #1 - The item cannot be listed or modified.  The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy.

Fix - The most common reason for this is that the phrase OEM or something similar is in the title or description.  OEM cannot be referenced in the listing title or description of aftermarket products.  Also check the description for any external URL’s.  You are not allowed to have any links in your descriptions. 

Error #2 - Shipping Surcharge fee is not applicable

Fix - On the listing template you are only allowed to charge a shipping surcharge if the method selected is UPS or FedEx.  You likely have USPS selected with a shipping surcharge.  Simply remove the surcharge or change your method to UPS or FedEx.

Error #3 - Duplicate eBay categories

Fix - When you create a template you must have a primary category id selected.  You may also use a secondary category however if you do, it must be different than the primary.  Go back to the template affected and make sure your eBay categories are different.

Error #4 - Package weight is invalid or missing

This pertains to the data you have entered in the weight major/minor fields on the listing template.  Major "Pounds", Minor "Ounces".  You need to have numeric values in these fields.  The Minor filed should not exceed 15 otherwise you would be at a full pound (16 ounces) and the major field would then be used.

Listing Issue: Title Length

These are offline, inactive listings because the title is longer than the eBay allowed 80 characters.  You can edit the listing titles in the UI or by spreadsheet.

Product Issue: Missing Image

PSS does not have an image for this product.  You may perform and image override and add your own.  http://help.powersportsupport.com/knowledgebase/articles/858432-3-0-image-overrides

Product Issue: Out of Stock

Based on what the distributor has in stock, along with your inventory rules and settings, we are unable to push valid stock to the marketplace.  If the distributor has this in stock but PSS has it in this status you may want to check your inventory rules and eBay settings to see if adjustments can be made to bring this product online to marketplace.



Product Issue: Pricing

This listing failed to list due to pricing errors.  Please double check that all products associated with this listing have valid price information.


We recommend that you do not watch or supervise this component too intently.  A product may move in and out of these statuses at any time throughout the day in order to automate inventory, revisions, or creations.  Below is a brief explanation of what is happening behind the scenes when in the associated status:

Pending: Confirmation - Information has been sent to eBay and we are waiting for them to confirm success or failure receipt of said information.

Pending: Creation - Listings have been created in PSS and are in the process of being created in eBay.

Processing Recreation: Ending – The listing is currently online and we are now ending it.

Processing Recreation: Creating – The listing is currently offline and PSS is attempting to relist the item.  An item will need to be recreated for a number of reasons, most important being a failed item revision.

Processing: Revision - The listings are in the process of revising.

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