3.2 Request Catalog Item Review

Powerports Support spends a ton of resources on taking the fractured catalog data from the manufacturers and distributors, and gets it into a uniform and usable format.  We wish that all of the data provided in PSS was 100% accurate however, that is just not possible.  All of you veteran powersports sellers out there are likely well aware of the catalog data shortcomings with the major distributors.  All we can tell you about data accuracy and cleanliness is that we take it very seriously and give it all we have.  

With the disclaimer above out in the open, the question on your mind is probably "What happens if we come across bad data?".  Lets be clear here, this will happen to everyone at some point.  A product will be mismatched, a bullet point on a description will be wrong, or an image will be incorrect; it is just all part of the industry and the process of getting massive amounts of data eCommerce ready.  When you do come across an issue with the data, we want you to request a review on that item so that we can get eyes on it right away.  While the product is in a review status it will get 0 inventory on the marketplaces in order to prevent selling.

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