3.2 Amazon Listing Products

When you create Amazon listings in PSS you are attaching yourself to what Amazon calls an ASIN.  This is completely different from eBay where you are creating your own individual listings.  Please note: at this time we are unable to create our own ASINs, only attach to existing.

The primary value added feature of PSS for creating Amazon listings rests in its "Recommendation Queue".  PSS regularly goes through Amazon and pings the PSS catalog for things like brand, mpn, and title.  This allows us to indicate to you the likelihood that a product you want to list is accurately reflected on the ASIN.  Keep in mind that these are "recommendations".  We urge you to use scrutiny when accepting our recommendations.

Create Amazon Listings

Step 1 - Go to the PSS Catalog and filter down to products that you wish to list on the Amazon marketplace.  Click into an open space on the line or "Select All".  Click "Listing Creation" > Amazon

Step 2 - After you hit submit one of two things will happen:

1. If we have a recommendation for the product it will be sent to the "Recommendation Queue".  

2. If we do not have a recommendation for the product it will be sent to "Amazon View All Listings".  Here it will remain offline in an "ASIN Recommendation Unavailable" status.  

You will want to first focus on the items listed that appear in the recommendation queue.  To get to the recommendation queue go to PSS Amazon > Recommendation Queue

From here you should briefly compare the product name to the recommended title.  Be as thorough as possible.  Highlight each row you want to accept and then at the top of the screen, click "Accept".

NOTE:  Once you Accept the recommendations it may take 24-72 hours for you to appear on the actual ASIN with inventory and pricing.

Next you will maybe want to address items that land in the "ASIN Recommendation Unavailable" status.  For this simply go to Amazon view all listings and use the filters on the left for ""ASIN Recommendation Unavailable".  Now use the "Manual Entry" or "Find ASIN Match" buttons on the righ side of the screen.

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