PSS Webstore Overview

PSS has integrated its robust data plug-in with several of the popular eCommerce shopping cart platforms over the past several years and in doing so we've learned a lot.  Not only about custom websites and the limitations of dealing with 3rd parties, but also the true needs and expectations of powersports dealers across the country.

After having average results with the 3rd party shopping cart plug-ins, we decided to go down a development path where we could provide a basic website and shopping cart solution at an approachable price point for the average powersports dealer.  A solution that behaved in a timely and predictable manner was our primary directive for our development team.  
In the end, we came away with a modern, easy to use interface that allows users to manipulate basic front-end web design with ease.  Your Logos, Banners, Blogs, Images, etc. can all be manipulated and managed through PSS without the need to hire expensive 3rd party web developers.  And of course, daily price/inventory updates are processed in a reliable fashion on the backend.  This webstore solution is fully hosted by PSS.
In order to achieve all of the above, we were required to have limitations in regards to capability and customization from a design and function standpoint.  Here are some key points about working on this platform.


PSS has four theme variations to choose from. You may toggle between these and your store will adjust automatically.  

PSS Homepage > Webstore > Theme & Display

You can sample/test these themes by going to a PSS Demo Site and using the "Change Layout" filter on the top right.  Or by taking your own PSS webstore and altering the Theme. 

Here are a couple PSS Demo Sites:

Product Detail Page

There are two different ways to display products on the product detail pages.  
Product Grid View
The Tires on this site are a great example of how  Product Grid View looks.  Click into a product.
Drop Down View
The Tires on this site are a great example of how standard  Drop Down View looks.  Click into a product.
Note: Font style, font size, layout, etc; all cannot be manipulated.


The banners or "sliders" can be changed out with ease.  You can change the look/feel of your store by hiring a graphic designer to mock up images for your latest product promotions or updates.
The ideal size for the banners is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. You will want to leave about 100-200 pixels of space for text/marketing material to ensure that it is visible on all layouts (mobile/tablet/desktop) but the background image should be the full 1920x1080
Tiles are also easily interchangeable.

Blogs, About Us, Service Department, Custom Pages

The webstore options and settings in PSS allow you to manage all of this very easily.  Just type this information into PSS settings and it will go right to your site.  
The backend of PSS also allows you to drag/drop and rearrange the location of the pages of your site.  The menu bars are fully customizable.

Unit / Vehicle Display

This offering has a very sleek and powerful method in place for managing and listing the vehicles that you have for sale; both new and used.  To add vehicle units the is the ability to:
  1. Import a VIN and have all vehicle specifications pulled in.  New and Used.
  2. Import a range of vehicles.  If you are an OEM dealer and you want to have all lines and variations of new vehicles listed on your site you can simply import the entire range with a click of a button.  
  3. There is also a manual vehicle entry option.

Categories and Catalog

Our initial attempts at integrating our data feed with 3rd party webstores required dealers to build their own category structure and map the products to each category.  No one did this.  It takes a team to do it and very few have the resources to make it happen.  
That said, the PSS Catalog team put in a ton of hours and produced the In-House PSS Category Structure.  We feel that it is a very well thought out category structure for the average powersports dealer.  It comes at no extra charge.  A robust category structure with the entire PSS Catalog, mapped!  That is correct, you can get all the products categorized for you by choosing to go with our structure.
Of course, you may add/delete categories and products as you wish.  And if you want to build out your own category structure and map each product to your custom category structure; the tools are in place for you to do so.

Shop by Fitment Module

Select your Ride.  The Global Fitment Module allows a shopper to search for parts that fit their favorite Year, Make, Model combination.  For dealers authorized to sell OEM parts we also offer the PSS OEM Catalog Data to run parallel to the Aftermarket data.

Payment Gateways and Checkout

Out of the gates we are providing you with the option to utilize  Stripe Checkout or  PayPal .  We will add more checkout methods as time goes on, primarily focusing on the more modern options.

PSS Webstore Videos

Please visit our PSS Webstore Video page if you would like to get a better idea of how the  webstore  functions.

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