Export, Import, Create

File Center

Once you have created the spreadsheet with all the products it should be saved as a .csv file.  In the File Center, you can create and edit products with the different import links provided.

Catalog Export

Catalog Export: Distributor Parts – This file will be used to export existing Part Numbers and their associated Product ID (PSS Assigned) This file will not need to be used very often.

Catalog Export: Fitment Attachment – This file will export all existing Fitment information.  It will have Part Number, Make, Model & Year

Catalog Export: Products – This file will be the most popular because it provides all the product information that has been provided to PSS.  It will have all the relevant product information except for Description.  You can edit names, attributes, images etc all from this file.

The typical workflow would be to export Products and save the file.  Once the file has been saved locally you can manipulate the relevant information and import back into PSS to make changes to the products.  Based on what information has been updated you can use the associated import link in File Center

Catalog Import

Catalog Import: Amazon Recommendations – If your products are available to sell on Amazon and you have the associated ASIN and Amazon Title you can attach this information through this link.

Catalog Import: Distributor Parts – Distributor Parts are the MPN/SKU’s for each product.  If you are the manufacturer PSS will use the MPN as the SKU.

Catalog Import: eBay Recommendations – Similar to the Amazon file, if you have the eBay EPID and relevant information for the products you can import here.

Catalog Import: Fitment Attachment – If the products have fitment information, Make, Model & Year it can be imported here.

Catalog Import: Images – If you have URLs for the product images they will be uploaded using this link, then hosted by PSS

Catalog Import: Manufacturer Groups – PSS makes use of Manufacturer Groups to help consolidate brand information for display purposes.  This will allow for individual Manufactures to have different price rules available but display correctly. For example, Fly Snow, Fly Street, Fly MX are all individual Manufacturers that will be displayed in the Manufacturer Group Fly Racing.  This import should be used to create new Groups or to consolidate Manufacturers into a new Group.

Catalog Import: Manufacturer – Used to create Manufacturers in PSS

Catalog Import: Product Groups – Product Groups are the names given to multiple products that all have the same name.  In order for users to differentiate between different products within a group, they will need to have a unique set of attributes of fitment information provided.

Catalog Import: Products – The Product import will provide most of the product information, such as name, attributes, description etc.

Catalog Import: Walmart Recommendations – For products that are available for sale on Walmart you can submit the Walmart information similar to that of Amazon and eBay.

Product Creation

To import new products into PSS you will use multiple imports depending on what information you can provide.  Using the provided product template, you can create new products in PSS. 

Step 1: Import Manufacturer Groups (Only necessary if it is a new Group)

Step 2: Import Manufacturer (Only necessary if it is a new Manufacturer)

Step 3: Import Product Groups (Only necessary if it is a new Product Group)

Step 4: Import Products

Step 5: Import Images

Step 6: Import Distributor Parts

Fitment, Amazon, eBay and Walmart recommendation are all optional

Wait for each import to complete prior to starting next step.  If there are any errors displayed in the Status of the file center, you should fix all errors and re-import before moving on to the next step.

Product Edits

To edit products that already exist in PSS you can find the products in the UI by searching for Product Groups, Products or Distributor Parts.  It is recommended to use the Product search.  Once you have located the Products that need to be edited you can initiate an export from the results.  The file will be processed in the File Center.  Once the file is completed, download and save locally.  You will be able to make all necessary changes directly on the spreadsheet, make sure to save as a .csv file.  Then use the appropriate import link depending on what changes you are making.