Products and Product Groups

PSS has created our own standard to catalog products from the powersports industry.  We have accounted for all possibilities of fitment, attributes etc. to help ensure products can be listed across multiple channels and be displayed in an effective way to shoppers.  We will go through the process of creating products and grouping them together along with the definitions PSS uses to help ensure your information is presented properly.

PSS defines a Product as a unique combination of Manufacturer + MPN.  Since many Products are available from different distributors this enables us to attach multiple SKUs to a product and allow Inventory and Pricing information to be pulled from multiple sources on a single product.  
PSS has 3 different types of products and groups.  The first is the simplest, a single product.  A single product will not have any attributes or fitment and can be identified strictly by its name.

As illustrated this Product exists by itself, without any other options to choose from.  This unique combination of Manufacturer + MPN is available from 3 different distributors as shown in the image above.  
The next 2 types of Products will be required to in Product Groups.  PSS groups Products together based on their Names, Products with the same name will be condensed into a single Product Group.  Products that exist in a Product Group will need a unique set of attributes or fitment.  
This simplest type of Product Group is a traditional variation style where the shopper can choose between any combination of Color, Size or Option.  

In the examples above you can see how multiple products all have the same Name, with a unique set of attributes.  
MPN 35-0786 Corresponds to a Matte Black Large
The final type of Product Group is for Products that have Fitment information, Make, Model, Year and possibly Attributes.  PSS will still use the Name to create the groups so all Products can be displayed on a single page.

While some Products within the Group do not have unique Options, they do have unique Fitment information.  
All of this information will be entered into PSS via spreadsheet.  There are only 2 files required to import products into PSS, one for all the Product information and the other for Fitment information.  

Product Template Headers
The name of the manufacturer of the Product
MPN of the Product, must be unique within a Manufacturer
Category path to have the Products displayed on PSS powered websites, this must follow the provided PSS taxonomy
Also the Product Name, the title of a Product
Use Color, Size, and Option to create variations among Products within a Group
HTML Description of the products
URL of the product image, PSS will ingest and host internally

Fitment Template Headers

Kawasaki, Suzuki etc
CBR 1000, R1 etc
1999, 2000 etc
In the example below, you can see how the MPN is replicated for each unique combination of Make, Model and Year.