Export SEMA Data

NOTE: Before proceeding with the follow steps, please make sure your account is enabled for SEMA Data ingestion. You can have this feature enabled in your account by creating a support ticket.


SDC provide 3 main exports that PSS can understand and automatically import for you:

Product Information
Vehicle Fitment Information

Images & Media

Creating/Scheduling Exports

Step 1 - Go to Exports

Step 2 - Schedule New Export

Step 3 - Select Export and Format

Choose one of the following combination of options:

  • I'm looking to export... Excel Export. Using the format... Excel Export
  • I'm looking to export... ACES Data. Using the format... ACES Flat Export
  • I'm looking to export... Digital Assets & Images. Using the format... DIGAST Digital Assets - PIES
Step 4 - Delivery Method

The delivery method should always be "FTP / SFTP". You can find the required options for your account by navigating to the "Settings > SEMA Data Co-Op" page from your PSS Dashboard. Match the settings you see in your Dashboard to the options shown below.

Step 5 - Processing

PSS will regularly check for new files made available by SDC ever few hours. Once an import has completed you will be view your new products under the "Private Catalog" section in your Dashboard.