PSS Webstore - Google Shopping

PSS launched its support for Google Shopping in January of 2019.  This feature is slowly being rolled out and remains in beta.  If you would like to experiment with this feature prior to full release please contact PSS Support.

General Notes 

- The user is expected to have their tax settings configured in google merchant center

- The user is expected to have their shipping settings configured in google merchant center
- All mapped product variations will be submitted to google merchant center
- Aftermarket & Private catalog only


1. From "Google Merchant Center" navigate to "Products" from the left-hand primary navigation menu.

2. Navigate to "Feeds"  from the secondary left-hand navigation menu.
3. Click the large blue "+" icon.

4. Select the proper options for the input fields and click continue.

5. Give a name for the new feed and select "Scheduled fetch" from the radio options for the connection method.

6. See screenshot and click continue.
This URL will only work for requests that are coming from Google so, seeing an error page on this URL is perfectly normal.
If you require assistance on this step please email - Subject: Google Shopping Help

7. Contact support to expedite the retrieval of the first feed.

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