PSS Webstore & Google Shopping

General Notes 

  • The user is expected to have their Shipping & Tax settings configured in google merchant center.
  • The user is expected to have their Return Policies configured in google merchant center.
  • All mapped product variations will be submitted to google merchant center.
  • The system will send feeds for Aftermarket & Private catalog only.  No OEM.
  • The system will only supply items in the feeds that are currently in stock so we can always have the most amount of valid products shown on Google properties. So as updates are generated for Google the item count will go up or down based on product inventory levels.
  • Missing descriptions are a normal occurrence for small-dollar items and/or low-volume products. We'll make sure our feeds ignore items that have no descriptions.


From "Google Merchant Center" navigate to "Products" from the left-hand primary navigation menu.

Navigate to "Feeds"  from the secondary left-hand navigation menu.
Click the large blue "+" icon.

Select the proper options for the input fields and click continue.

Give a name for the new feed and select "Scheduled fetch" from the radio options for the connection method.

See screenshot and click continue.
The URL that you need to use is generated by PSS technical support.  To retrieve it simply email PSS Support with the Subject: Google Shopping Help

Potential Issues

Missing Tax & Shipping

PSS does not supply any tax or shipping information in our feeds.  You will need to configure it in your Google Ads Account.  You will need to set this up when creating a new merchant feed.  Set up Shipping and Tax in Google

Pricing (RRP or New Discounted Price)

a) If PSS can work out an exact URL that will land a user on a specific variation (size/color etc.) for a product group, we will supply the calculated price for that variation in the feed

b) If PSS cannot work out an exact URL for a specific variation we will supply a "Min Price" that represents the group as a whole. I.e.: When you take a look at a product group with 50+ variations, we'll show a "Starting From $XYZ.ZZ" price until the user lands on a specific variation.

Purchase Confirmation URL

/webstore/webstore_cart/complete/ is the confirmation page and can be used for analytics, also the conversion tracking code section in webstore settings will fire on checkout as well.

Full purchase confirmation URL:

  • Note: every order will have a different URL so you need to use path matching in analytics to track conversions if that is what you are trying to do
  • Different Ways to Track Conversions