The Order Process

Step 1 - Checkout Overview

Once a buyer is ready to check out they will proceed to the Checkout Box and have the option to enter a coupon code and their zip code. 

Step 2 - Checkout Detail

After the buyer clicks continue they will be taken to the Checkout Detail Page.  This page will allow them to enter Billing & Shipping information.  

*More information on how to set up shipping cost in PSS

Step 3 - Initiate Payment Capture

After the buyer enters all pertinent purchase information they will proceed to "Payment Method" to complete the transaction.  In this case by clicking PayPal.  They will end up in the payment processor.

Step 4 - Payment captured and order complete

Once the buyer completes the payment processing with PayPal or the Credit Card Gateway they will receive an email from the provider notifying them of the transaction.  Additionally, they will receive an email from PSS providing them with details of the order; shipping, tax, MPN, SKU, etc. 

* The email originates from no-reply@pss, reply-to address is customer service email in Settings > Webstore
* The "Name" of the sender is the store name in Settings > Webstore

* Email Sample: Your-order-confirmation.pdf

You, the merchant, will also receive an email from the payment processor and an email from PSS with order details.  Order details will be sent to the email address that you have entered in PSS Settings > Webstore "Customer Service Email" at the top.

Step 5 - PSS Orders Module, Order Details, and Packing Slips

Proceed to the PSS Orders Module for more information regarding what PSS provides you with for orders.  Once you mark your PSS Webstore order as shipped and upload tracking the seller will receive and email.  

* Email Sample: Your-order-has-shipped!.pdf

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