Major Unit Management

PSS Dashboard > Webstore > Manage Units

PSS has made it very easy for dealers to import vehicle information and have the units display in a cohesive format on the webstore.  Once you arrive on the units page you will have multiple options to get vehicles entered.  When the vehicles are entered they will automatically arrive in your webstore right away.

Create/Import Vehicles

To add the vehicles to your webstore start by clicking the "Create/Import Button.  You will have three options: Import VIN, Import Range, and Create Vehicle Manually.  Below we will cover each option along with all the general functionality of this module.

Create New Vehicle Manually
Click the button labeled "Create New"
Fill out as much information about the vehicle as you have. Vehicle Type, Condition, Year, Make, Model, etc.  Click Save.
Next, you will be taken to the Edit Vehicle Details page where you can input Images, Vehicle Specifics, Vehicle Pricing, and Vehicle Information.
Click Save when complete.

This vehicle and all of its specifications have now been pulled into PSS and pushed to your webstore automatically.   

Import VIN
Click the button labeled "Import VIN"
Select the Condition.  New or Pre-Owned
Click Import.  You will be taken back to the main Units Page.

This vehicle and all of its specifications have now been pulled into PSS and pushed to your webstore automatically. 

Import Range
Click the button labeled "Import Range"
Select the Type of Vehicle, Year, and Make.
You will be presented with the available range to import. Click the "Import" button to proceed.

These vehicles and all of their specifications have now been pulled into PSS and pushed to your webstore automatically.   

Edit Vehicle Information

The features below allow you to manipulate a fair amount of information pertaining to the vehicle units.  

Add or Edit Images
Major Unit Details 
Major Unit Details
Short and Long Description
Major Unit Video Gallery
Status and Trader Interactive

Add or Edit Images

You have the ability to import your own vehicle images and change the order in which they display.

Locate the vehicle you wish to add an image to and on the far right-click " edit".
Drag the image from your computer files onto the Image Upload Box.

By Clicking and Holding on an image in the Vehicle Gallery you can change the order in which they appear.  Make sure to save the order once it is to your liking.

You may also Upload Images Directly from Your Phone

Open PSS on your mobile device through its mobile web browser.  Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.
Browse to the Vehicle Unit in question.  Click on the Image Box where it says "Drop files here"

Click "Take Photo or Video" or browse to the image you want

The photo will upload and be pushed to the vehicle listings on your website without delay.

Major Unit Video Gallery

PSS is able to post YouTube hosted videos to your unit pages.  Simply paste in the "View" URL and the video will be the primary image/asset displayed on the unit detail page.  Make sure not to use the "Embed" URL.

Major Unit Details

Condition, VIN, Vehicle Type, Year, Color, Make, etc 

Featured: Unit will display on your Homepage

Hidden: Unit will be hidden from display on your website

Promo Text: This will be displayed on the vehicle tile if Sale Price is not supplied.  If Sale Price is supplied then it will be displayed instead of promo text.  

Short Description

Displayed at the very top of the unit detail page when a buyer first lands on the bike.  Keep it short.  Use the WYSIWYG Editing features as you see fit.  

Long Description

Displayed above vehicle specifications, under the images.  Use the WYSIWYG Editing features as you see fit.  Dealers mainly use this area to type in custom text ranging from financing or sales to vehicle condition and a list of aftermarket parts that the vehicle has on it.

Major Unit Attributes

This area will just have all the vehicle specifications that we were able to pull in for you from the manufacturer.

Import Unit Pricing from Lightspeed

PSS provides you with the ability to pull in Vehicle Pricing from your Lightspeed account as long as Lightspeed 3PA is enabled.  For more information on Major Units and Lightspeed, Click Here

Status and Trader Interactive Syndication (Quick Edit)

Toggle Hidden Status

Hides the vehicle from your website

Toggle Featured Status

Features and Unfeatures the vehicle from your homepage

Trader Interactive Category

PSS supports the ability for you to push unit inventory to Cycle Trader.  First, proceed to PSS Dashboard > Settings > Webstore.  Scroll to the bottom and enter your unique Trader Interactive URL and information.

Next, you will send vehicles to Trader Interactive by viewing the vehicles from the main unit page, highlighting, and categorizing via the "Quick Edit" button.

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