Orders Module

The PSS Orders Module gives you the ability to manage orders directly through the PSS dashboard.  

From the PSS Orders view you can:

View Order Information 

Once you are in the PSS Orders Module click the "View" button which is on the far right.  This will essentially pull up a packing slip and have pertinent information to the way that PSS was aggregating or fulfilling the inventory for the order.  You can also print a packing slip from here.

Order Notes

The SKU notated in the Order Notes at the top is the SKU that the buyer purchased.  You will also see some pertinent notes on the SKU/Fulfillment.

"Ship To", "Bill To", and Order Identification

This information identifies the specific fulfillment information of your buyer.

The "Order ID" is the PSS Internal Order ID

The "Marketplace Order ID" is the order from the specific marketplace.

Order Items

Here you will see the Product, MPN, Fulfilling SKU, Qty, Shipping, Tax, and Total.

Edit Order Status and Upload Tracking

From the main orders page, you will see an "Edit" button to the right-hand side of the screen.  An Edit Order box will be presented to you where you may toggle Order Status and Input Shipment Tracking Codes.  

For Marketplace orders, when you enter the tracking information into PSS it will be sent to the Marketplace.

For Webstore orders, you may also send tracking to the buyer by clicking the "Notify Buyer" button.

Order Details Icons

This is an easy way to see the status of an order on the right-hand side of the orders screen.  Possible Order Statuses as notated by the symbols are:

  1. Payment Captured
  2. Packing Slip Printed
  3. Shipping Software Captured
  4. Exported
  5. Shipped

Print Multiple Packing Slips

To print multiple packing slips simply highlight the rows of the orders you are shipping, then click the Print Selected button at the top.

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