File Center (Advanced)

File Center can be accessed from the main-nav and serves as the primary hub for processing CSV files in PSS.  These tools, for the most part, will only be utilized by "Power Users".

The main reason that ARI and Dealer Spike users will use this module is to import the Custom Data that they exported from ARI and Dealer Spike.  If you just want to import/export Custom Data, proceed HERE

Below is a list of the other main functions of File Center that can be used in the eCommerce integration with ARI & Dealer Spike sites:

Price Overrides - Set the exact price for a Distributor SKU

Webstore Categories - Manipulate your Category Structure

Webstore Products - Manipulate the Categories that your Products are mapped to

Image Overrides - Change Product Images

Shelf Quantities - Upload the price and quantities of products that you have on-hand

Orders - Import shipping tracking information

Private Catalog Fitment - Fitment for your Private Catalog Data

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