Listing Your Private Catalog Data to the Webstore

Once you have your Private Catalog data entered into PSS it is a very easy process to assign a category and get it listed to your webstore.

From the Private Catalog view simply locate the item that you wish to list and highlight the product row(s).
Once highlighted, click the Webstore button
In the field for "Webstore Category" type the full category path that you wish to map to.
If you want your product featured on the site, you can check the featured box, and it will appear on the featured carousel. Lastly, you will click "Confirm", and the product will be sent to the webstore. It should appear within an hour, probably sooner.

Other Key Points

  • If you type in a Category Path that does not already exist in PSS, the Category will be automatically created
  • You need to be very precise when typing in the Category Paths.  If you misspell a Category Path it will be treated as a new and unique Category and a new, misspelled path will be created.
  • To ensure precision you may just want to copy/paste Category Paths from your existing structure.  The best way to get a list of your Category Structure is to export it from PSS File Center.  "Client: Export Category Structure"

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