Quick Help - Import Custom eCommorce Data into PSS

This article will help guide you through the process to export data from ARI & Dealer Spike and then easily import it into PSS.

Exporting from ARI & Dealer Spike

In Account Info, there is a new link in Profile Settings labelled Export eCommerce Custom data. When clicked a zip file will be downloaded, containing 3 files:
  1. Client_Import_Product_Mapping.csv - Associates products from import #1 to categories on the webstore.
  2. Private_Catalog_Import_Products.csv - Holds all product details, images, variations etc. for custom eCommerce data.
  3. Client_Import_Shelf_Quantities.csv - Sets the sale price & availability of a product from import #1.
This new feature will mainly be used to export existing Endeavor eCommerce data into PSS.

Importing into PSS

We will now take the files referenced above and import to PSS File Center

1. Webstore Categories and Products (Client: Import Product Mapping)
Use the left-nav to run the job to import Product Mapping
2. Catalog Import (Private Catalog: Import Products)

Use the left-nav to run the job to import Private Catalog data

3. Shelf Quantities (Client: Import Shelf Quantities)

Use the left-nav to run the job to import Shelf Quantities

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