Quick Help - How to Discount Distributor Pricing

PSS is going to pull in MSRP for each distributor on a daily basis but, it is up to you to apply discounts to brands or products when desired. There are two ways to discount pricing in PSS:

  1. Pricing Rules
  2. Price Overrides

Pricing Rules

This is going to be the most broad way to manipulate pricing and is designed to help manage the pricing for entire brands. It simply allows you to set a brand at a X Percent off of MSRP.

Simply name the Pricing Rule, usually based around the type of discount. ie: 15% Off Round Down
Pricing Target
Either MSRP or Cost, Most will use MSRP and calculate the discount off of MSRP
Some brands require their prices to be either rounded up or rounded down. If a 10% discount puts a product at $99.95 this would be a round down, some brands require the round up and would want the price displayed at $99.96 so that would need to be rounded up.
Value for Webstore
Enter positive numbers with no leading zeros.  If you want a 10% discount, you enter a 10.00
  • Ignore eBay, Amazon, Walmart
  • The only time you would use a negative value in these fields is if you wanted to target msrp and mark up a product over msrp.
Here you select the different brands/manufacturers you want included in this rule. You can have many different brands in one rule if they all have the same MAP policy. Sometimes a single brand will have different variations supplied by the distributors ie: Fly, Fly Racing, Fly Street You want to make sure to look for all of these types of iterations to ensure accurate pricing.  Include all variations of the brand to make sure all brand pricing is covered.

Price Overrides

This is going to be the most granular way to manipulate pricing and is designed to set distributor SKUs to an exact, fixed price.

Once you are in the Aftermarket Catalog you will search/filter to the desired MPN that you wish to Override.  Click on the MPN.
You have now landed in the Override Management Center.  This area controls all of the attributes for this MPN.  Scroll down about 3/4 of the way and you will find "Price Overrides"
Enter the exact price that you want this product to sell for if the inventory ends up being sourced from the specific distributor.

Other Key Points

  • PSS is MPN Based.  We aggregate inventory, feeding Price and Inventory information from multiple Distributor SKUs into a single MPN.
  • The Distributor SKU exists solely for Price and Inventory purposes.  
  • The SKU used by the distributor but, is assigned a prefix by PSS.  PSS amends the SKU in order to identify it in the back end and aggregate inventories for each product.
  • A Parts Unlimited SKU of 2103-0174 becomes PU2103-0174. A Western Powersports SKU of 2-R0451B-8 becomes WP2-R0451B-8
Here is the full list of distributor prefixes
name distributor_abbreviation
Tucker TR
Parts Unlimited PU
Western Powersports WP
Arctic Cat AC
Polaris PO
Can-Am CM
Fox FX
Helmet House HH
Honda HO
Kawasaki KW
Sea-Doo SD
Ski-Doo SK
Suzuki SZ
Yamaha YA
Sullivans SU
Kuryakyn KK
Troy Lee Designs TL
Castle CA
Klim KM
Drift Racing DR
Indian Motorcycle IM
Victory Motorcycle VM
Custom Chrome CC
Parts Canada PC
Motovan MV
Kimpex KP
Motorfist MF
Bell Helmets BP
FXR Racing FR
Husqvarna HQ
Ducati DU
Automatic Distributors AD
Big Bike Parts BB
Land N Sea Power Sports LP
Land N Sea Marine LM
Land N Sea RVs LR
Northern Wholesale RVs WR
Northern Wholesale Marine WM
Medart Marine MM
Twisted Throttle TT
Forma Boots FB
Sea Value SV
ONeal ON
Leatt LT
Textron TX

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