Tune-up your PSS Webstore Settings (Contact Info, Shipping, Tax, Checkout)

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PSS Webstore Settings Overview Video - 1 Minute

Contact Information

Store Name

Name of your business

Customer Service Email

The email address that you want displayed for customer general inquiries to come into.  This will also be the email address that gets notified of PSS Webstore Parts Orders.  Note: You will also be notified of orders via your Payment Gateway/Checkout provider.

Lead Submission Email

The email address that will be hit when someone inquires about a New/Used Vehicle.  Leave blank if you do not sell any vehicles.

Customer Service Telephone

The phone number to your business


You can simply type in your address or to give the "Contact Us" page a little better look you can put in the latitude and longitude of your store.  You can find the coordinates to your store using  Google Maps.

Just copy and paste the latitude and longitude values from the URL into the applicable fields.   How to read latitude & longitude

Shipping and Tax

Tax Jurisdiction

State your store is in


Sales tax rate of State

Shipping Rules

This will allow you to set shipping based off of Price Bands.  Click "Manage".  Typically dealers will charge shipping for orders under a certain dollar amount.  In the future, PSS will be adding more options in regards to shipping cost management.

Social Media

The links to your public facing Social Media Pages

Search Engine Optimization

Check the "Allow Indexing" box if you want the content of your site to be indexable.

Analytics and Tracking

Analytics Code

Coming soon

Marketing Code

Coming soon

Conversion Code

Coming soon

Enable TruRating

TruRating gives you the power to help customers, businesses, and charities by answering one question with the push of a button at the point of sale.   https://www.trurating.com/en-us/

Payment Gateway

The Gateway Provider dropdown will show all providers that PSS integrates with.  Here are links on how to set-up each one:



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