Payment Option Setup: Paypal

As of January 2019 PSS offers two types of Payment Options:  PayPal Express and Credit Card Gateway.  The only Credit Card Gateway offerred is Stripe Checkout and we intend to add Bolt Checkout down the road.  You can run PayPal Express and a Credit Card Gateway simultaneously, side-by-side.  To do this simply go PSS Settings > Webstore (scroll to bottom) 

About PayPal

Fueled by a fundamental belief that having access to financial services creates opportunity, PayPal is committed to democratizing financial services and empowering people and businesses to join and thrive in the global economy.

To learn more about PayPal and to sign up with PayPal to begin accepting online payments on your Webstore provided by PSS please visit

Integration Settings (connect PayPal to your PSS Application)

1. Top-right nav “Profile > Profile and Settings”

2. Account Access & API AccessClick “Update” on section labeled “API access”

3. Custom Checkout Experience > NVP/SOAP API Integration (Classic)

4. Show > Copy/Paste Info Into PSS Settings > Webstore

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