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Theme & Display

The PSS Webstore gives you the following options for changing your store's appearance.

Coming Soon Status

Check this box to put your public facing store into a "Coming Soon!" status


PSS has four theme variations to choose from. You may toggle between these and your store will adjust automatically.  PSS Menu > Webstore >Theme & Display

1. Traditional
The menu bar across the top, 3 sliding banners, and room for up to four tiles.  Vehicles below.
2. Traditional Webstore Alternate
The menu bar across the top, up to four tiles, then the banners.  Vehicles align on the right of the home page
3. Left Navigation

The menu bar is removed and categories/pages appear in the left nav.  Tiles at the top with banners underneath.  Vehicles are at the bottom.

4. Featured Products Right

The menu bar across the top, up to four tiles, then the banners.  Featured products on the far right running down.  Vehicles at the bottom.

Fluid Theme

This has to do with the width of the site and the utilization of a background image.  If you select Fluid Theme the contents of the website will be stretched to the edges of the browser window.  If you do not select it the contents of the site will lay over a background image.  The background image will stretch the width of the browser window.

Tag Line

This text appears in bold font to the right of your logo.  It should describe or represent your business in one short sentence.

Accent Color

This option allows you to toggle the main accent color on the site.  Specifically the main menu bar.

Click the drop-down and then use the color bar on the right to pick a primary color to go off of.

Then click around the large color box to get the exact color you want.

Click "choose"

Enable Product Grid (Product Detail Page)

There are two different ways to display products on the product detail pages.  
Product Grid View
The Tires on this site are a great example of how   Product Grid View looks.
Drop Down View
The Tires on this site are a great example of how standard    Drop Down View looks.

Note: Font style, font size, layout, etc; all cannot be manipulated.

Enable Google Translate

By checking this box your webstore will have a Google Translate feature enabled and allow the text on your site to display in different languages.

Disable Global Fitment

This option will disable the fitment selector.

Navigation & Menus

The PSS Webstore has a menu manager which allows you to easily drag/drop and rearrange the location of content pages and product categories.

When you click into it you will see that there are two (2) available menus to manage; the Header and the Footer.  Highlight the one you wish to work with.

Simply click Add to Menu when you want to add an existing category or page to your menu.  

To Nest Pages simply place the Parent Category/Page at the top and then place the sub-pages underneath.  Next, you will drag the secondary categories to the right and they will snap into place.  When you see the indent on the page this means that it will be nested under the page that appears above it.

All of this can easily be reverted, reset, and changed, so there is no need to worry about messing something up.  Trial and error is a good way to approach the Menu Manager.

Logos, Banners & Tiles

When you click into this section you will land on a single page which shows you what media is currently being displayed on your site.  Once you select on an aspect to update; Tiles, Banners, etc., you will be taken to PSS  Media Center.

PSS Media Center should be used as the main hub for managing your webstore files/images.


By clicking update you will be taken to Media Center where you can change out the logo.  


By clicking update you will be taken to Media Center where you can change out the banners.  PSS will provide you with some free generic banners.  Feel free to hire a 3rd party design company to build you custom banners that better reflect your store and target audience.

Banners should be 1920 x 1080  

Use our demo sites as inspiration for your 3rd party.  Additionally, any banners on these sites that you like you can request to have added to your store at no charge.

Street Cruiser Demo

OEM Demo

Dirt Demo


By clicking update you will be taken to Media Center where you can change out the tiles.  Again, PSS can provide you with some of the generic ones that we have on any of our demo sites.  Should you wish to customize these please feel free to reach out to a 3rd party that specializes in web design.

Background Image

This image will lay behind all webstore banners, tiles, and content.  

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