Listing Products to Your PSS Webstore

Your webstore will come loaded with the entire PSS catalog for the distributors that you utilize.  As time goes on more product will become available and you will want to add these products to your store.  You have two options for this.

Option 1 - PSS Managed Catalog

  • Top-level parent categories of Apparel, Helmets, Parts
  • Monthly addition and categorization of new products as they come in and out of our catalog
  • Monthly category updates for existing products 
  • Automatic listing of new categorized product to your webstore
  • The entire PSS catalog mapped to your store (Zero effort required by you!)

Note:  The products will utilize our category structure.  If you have a custom category structure you will need to proceed with the second option.

The following interventions by the user will disable PSS Managed Catalog

  • Deleting a Product from the Webstore
  • Changing the Category of a Product on the Webstore
  • Listing Private Catalog Products to the Webstore

How to Feature Products in PSS Webstores

From the PSS Dashboard click Webstore > Products

Use the filters on the left nav to locate the desired product(s).  Highlight the row and click "Quick Edit".  You will see the "Feature" option.  Allow 30-60 minutes for products to feature on webstore homepage.

Option 2 - Self Managed Catalog

On a weekly or monthly basis, you will want to locate any new product that you wish to list.  You will list this product to your webstore using the PSS user interface and searching for the unlisted products.

From the PSS Catalog, use the left-nav to filter down to the product that you wish to list. We recommend using the filter "Webstore: Unlisted"

Highlight the Products that you wish to list. Then click the "Webstore" button.

Note:  If you list one Product within a Product Group the entire Product Group will list.

After you click the Listing Creation button you will have a chance to choose the category that you want the product to display in.  You will also be able to list the product as a featured item on the homepage of your webstore.

*Make sure you input the exact category path.  We recommend that you go to PSS File Center and Export your category structure, and then copy/paste the paths in.  File Center > Client: Export Category Structure

**If you enter a category path that does not exist already, PSS will create it for you.  

***Your products should list to the PSS Webstore within an hour.  Often times much faster.

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