Getting Your Catalog Data into PSS

In using our Custom Product Uploader, you have two different ways to get PSS to ingest your Private Catalog Data.  By Importing a CSV file on the PSS Compatible File Template or directly out of the PSS user interface.

If you are new to this feature and have not read the  Private Catalog Overview article please stop here and visit it.  The content in the article provides a solid leap off point for Private Cataloging.  If you have already reviewed it then let us start getting your products into PSS.

Import CSV to PSS File Center (Recommended)

PSS Home Page > File Center

Near the bottom of the left-hand nav under " Catalog Import", click "Private Catalog: Import Products"

Step 1 - Download Template

Download the Compatible File Template which is in the blue hyperlink.  Open the File Template from your computer.

For this template and any others in PSS, make sure that you review the developer notes so that you can ensure that your file meets PSS specifications.

Step 2 - Populate Template With Your Data

This template has fourteen (14) columns, some of which are optional.  Below we offer an explanation of what each column header represents. (required)

The name of the brand manufacturer.  You will want to make sure that you watch your spelling to make sure that you don't accidentally get the same brand in twice. (required)
You want to group similar products with different attributes together so that they can display on a marketplace with drop downs or attribute selectors.  Don't let size, color, or option leak into your  Utilize the size, color, option columns the way they are meant to be used.
A Product is a unique MPN.  There is only one MPN per product.  A Product Group is all the different variations of a single product.  There are multiple MPNs in a Product Group.

In this example below the Product Group is CL-17 Punisher 2 Helmet.  MPN: 862-757 is a Product

It is possible, however rare, that a Product Group is represented by only one Product.

ProductGroup.description (optional)

This is where you put the general description of the product.  Bullet points, etc.

HTML is recommended but not required.  Most products within a Product Group will have the same description. 

Product.manufacturer_part_number (required)

The MPN from the Manufacturer or Original Brand.

Product.msrp (required)

The MSRP for the product.  PSS has other features which will allow you to adjust the sale price of the product.  

Product.size (optional)

Large, Medium, Small, etc.  

8, 9, 10, 11, etc.  

80.00mm, 90.00mm, 100.00mm, etc

Keep your naming conventions consistent throughout all of your apparel data.  You can also do LG, M, S if you want, just keep it the same for all product lines.  That way when people are shopping around your site or a marketplace everything looks and feels familiar and organized.

Product.color (optional)

Same as above.  Red, Yellow, Green will work great.   RD, YLW, GRN will also work if you want.  Just keep it consistent with ALL of your catalog data.

Product.option (optional)

Use this field if there is a key option on a product line that you feel would be nice to have a shopper toggle on.  Or if there are is a product that has like a color line with chrome or black accents.  Here are some things we see people use for a product Option:

Titanium, Steel, Aluminum

Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel

Knurled, Deep Cut, Slot Track, Dimpled

Chrome Accent, Gloss Black Accent, Carbon Fiber Accent

Standard, Short, Long

Product.image_url (optional)

For images hosted outside of PSS

HTTP or HTTPS will work.  If you plan to list on eBay you will want to make sure the image URLs are HTTPS

Product.image_file_name (optional)

For use with PSS Media Center.  If you go into Media Center and upload an image, you simply need to copy/paste the image file name into this column.

Product.height (optional)

Inches.  No Decimals

Product.width (optional)

Inches.  No Decimals

Product.depth (optional)

Inches.  No Decimals

Product.weight (optional)

Pounds.  Decimals OK.

Step 3 - Upload Your Data

When you click "Private Catalog: Import Products" you will see "Choose File" next to File Upload.  Click this button to locate the file on your computer.  Double click your file and it will be ready to go in PSS.
Enter your email address if you want to be notified when the job is complete.  (optional).
Click Submit

Step 4 - Monitor Job Processing

You will want to monitor the Import that you just ran in File Center.  The job will be in a Pending or Processing status until PSS has completed it.  These jobs typically take 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the CSV file.

Once finished you will see the job Completed or Complete w/ Warnings. Click on the job and you will have access to a Processing Report.  Open the report and the success or failure of each line item will be reported.

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